What is EZ+ Pricing?

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EZ+ Pricing is the nation’s preferred Cash Discount alternative program!

Surcharge and Cash Discount processing programs have become very popular with businesses, especially within the past 2 to 3 years. But state regulations and Visa mandates do not always make it easy for merchants like you to pass on processing costs to your card-paying customers.

EZ+ Pricing was created specifically to help you easily and safely pass on service fees.

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What makes EZ+ Pricing so easy?

  • Your device will automatically pass on fees to credit transactions.

    • Per Visa regulations, debit transactions will not be charged a service fee.

  • You don’t need to advertise multiple item prices like complicated Cash Discount programs.

  • You can expect to save up to 90% compared to other processing programs.

  • Your monthly statements will clearly show how much you saved.

  • Display signs are provided for free at account set up.

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Post notifications of the EZ+ Pricing program around your store, start processing, and save up to 90%!

EZ+ Pricing has proven to be a safe and reliable processing solution for merchants across the United States.

Are you ready to start processing the EASY way?

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