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As a solution, National Payment Processing has developed an affiliate program that enables people like you to profit from this industry without any sales involvement. The power of this program lies in its simplicity.

By simply referring these merchants as leads to National Payment Processing, you can choose to earn either $100 or take a 50/50 split with a $50 bonus.

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*Rules and Conditions:

In order to refer a merchant and earn your referral bonus, the merchant has to be classified as a 'qualified lead.' A qualified lead is defined as follows: 

  • The individual is a merchant who has a current business or is starting one, and is in need of accepting credit cards or would like to change credit card processors.

  • You have spoken with the merchant and made it known that you can refer them to a company who can help them with their credit card processing.

  • Merchant account must open and process and remain open for at least 30 days.

  • The merchant is not already a customer of National Payment Processing or one of its affiliates.

  • The merchant is expecting a call from a representative of National Payment Processing.

There is no cost to sign up, so get started right away!