Mobile Credit Card processing

Accept Payments on the Go and Watch Your Business Grow!


Clover Flex

The Flex, a hand-held, EMV-capable POS device, is designed to be everything and go everywhere for you!

Not only do you get the full capability of EMV acceptance (contact [EMV] chip, contactless [NFC], and traditional stripe transactions), but it also has:

  • Touch Screen
  • Integrated Printer
  • Barcode Scanner

The Flex also has access to some of the best tools in the Clover App Market.

Clover Go

Looking for a payment processing solution that follows you wherever you go? Are you a business just starting out and would like a low cost option? Need to add another checkout line without the expense of purchasing more registers?

Look no further... NPP is a one stop shop to help your business grow on the go!

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Accept Credit Cards


  • iOS and Android compatible
  • EMV Enabled Chip Reader
  • Card Swiper
  • Clover Security Plus
  • Paperless Receipts

That’s right it’s as easy as 1...2...3… GO™!!   


Clover POS systems are the most exciting POS systems on the market! With Clover Mobile, you can take all different types of payments from mag stripe or EMV chip, to contactless payments. Clover can handle it all and make you look good doing it!

Clover Mobile doesn’t require a mobile or tablet device to hold its hand, this unit works independently thanks to its built in Wifi & 3G connectivity. In addition you can install apps to help manage your business from the Clover App Market


  • Low cost payment processing
  • Available on Free Placement
  • Easy setup
  • Barcode scanner/QR reader
  • 7” Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass display
  • Access to over 250 apps on the Clover APP Market

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