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For nearly 30 years, National Payment Processing has provided comprehensive, ground-breaking payment and capital services. What makes NPP an industry leader?

NPP partners and merchants inspire our entire mission.


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Give our merchants the best. Help our partners acquire.

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partner reactions

They go the extra mile to help your customers if there is a problem. They work hard to retain accounts which is important to all of us regardless of which side of the fence your playing on.

Deployment is almost same day if they get your deal in early enough in the morning.

I have nothing but good things to say about these folks after nine years of doing business with them, I’ve never a problem or an issue, GO NPP!
— Howard W.
[We’ve] been very pleased with the service and attention NPP (National Payment Processing) and in particular Angelina Mestos have served our needs. Ms. Mestos is always available and willing to help in order to get merchants approved and boarded in a timely manner!! We look forward to working a long time with them!
— Lester D.
Overall NPP has great communication channels established with their agents and very transparent with their Online Portal. They offer a variety of products and services suitable for all types of Merchants. They offer excellent Bonus and incentive programs to keep their Agents Motivated. I have worked with other Processors in the past, but no one has a seamless process set up like NPP. The support I get from My Sales Manger Fabian is very motivating and is one of the main reasons I am still a part of the NPP team.
— Mary C
Excellent people, best support and service , agent friendly and competitive! [...]

They are the best ISO I have ever seen. During my years in the merchant service industry...none measure up in the smooth end-to-end process from application to deployment. In fact, there has never been an issue that support did not cure in a timely manner. The efficiency at NPP is so fantastic that an MLS can get a merchant approved and processing the same day over 90% of the time. I was not even close to 50% at other organizations. Thank you for your excellent support.
— Simon M
I only have positive sayings about everybody that works at the office. No matter who I call or who I email, the response to my request is always fast and great. Without all the support that I receive from the office, front desk, support, and all other departments I could not do my job well. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!
— Francisco R
I have been working with NPP for 8+ years. They have been very good with quick response time and adjusting rates & fees. They have a truly “free” loaner terminal program that has been a fantastic savings feature when the chip became necessary for business owners.
— Deborah W
Angelina from NPP has been a DELIGHT to work with - she always finds a solution and is VERY knowledgable. She is one of the main reasons we love NPP.
— Mike C

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