3 Reasons Why Merchants Love EZ+ Pricing

Interchange Plus. Tier. Cash Discount. Surcharge.

You may be familiar with one or all of these card processing pricing models and programs. But have you heard of EZ+ Pricing?

NPP has created EZ+ Pricing to give merchants a safe and easy way of passing on processing costs to the card holder.

What does this mean?

It means gone are the days of losing your shirt on traditionally priced merchant accounts. Gone are the days of having to make complicated inventory systems or multiple item prices for a Cash Discount program.

Sounds nice, right? Well, take a look at 3 more reasons why merchants love EZ+ Pricing?

1) Merchants processing on EZ+ Pricing save an average of 70-90% on fees!

Processing credit cards is viewed as a double-edge sword by many merchants. As advancing technology continues to change the way customers spend money, the average business owner sees the benefits of owning even the most basic of EMV card readers. But it’s not getting any cheaper to process cards. Visa Interchange fees continue to rise and merchant account providers tend to tack on a number of monthly or annual fees.

So we’ve created EZ+ Pricing to help you drastically reduce processing fees. When a credit transaction is run on one of our devices, a 3% or 4% service fee will be charged to card-paying customers (debit transactions will not receive an added service fee).

2) EZ+ Pricing is supported on multiple types of POS devices and terminals.


Unlike some programs that only are available on one type of terminal with very limited functionality, EZ+ Pricing is supported on multiple device types including Dejavoo and Charge Anywhere solutions. With these devices you can get the most up-to-date features like EMV and NFC payments, on screen signature capture, inventory tracking, e-receipts and more!

Even better, the majority of these devices are offered for FREE!

3) EZ+ Pricing is, well. . . EASY!

Surcharge and Cash Discount programs offer merchants the prospect of saving up to 100% in credit card processing fees, but some card company rules and state laws make it difficult for businesses to pass on card fees.

EZ+ Pricing has already proven to be safe, effective, and easy to implement for merchants across the country. Just post notifications of the pricing program in your business and run transactions!

You’ll save on average 70-90% in processing fees.

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