How Clover Will Help Your Restaurant

As an entrepreneur in the service industry, you’re one part gracious host, one part business manager, and a dozen other parts busy! Clover can help you and your dining room stay organized, all while tracking your business performance and profitability.

  • Mag strip, Smart Card, and Contactless cards accepted

  • Check acceptance available through Clover App Market

  • Get a clear picture of your business with Clover Insights

  • High-tech solutions & super easy interface

  • Simple inventory and fast processing


See for yourself how other restauranteurs feel about using a Clover system in their business:


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Awesome, right? Now review just 3 app functions (there are hundreds more) to see why the Clover family is a perfect fit for you!

Clover Dining App.png

Clover Dining. Create five-star customer experiences, ensure smooth staff communication, transact securely, and do it all fast. Get ready to run your dining room just as you imagined.


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With Clover Dining, hosts get clear views of your floor, bartenders get powerful bar tab and ticket transfer capability, servers get a fast and intuitive order interface, and managers get controls, oversight functions and reports.

  • Customize floor plans on the fly.

  • Manage customers and tables.

  • Track orders, change guest counts, split checks with ease

  • Create bar tabs and preauthorize payments

  • Smooth communication: send orders to printers and kitchen displays

  • Supported across unlimited devices on location

Clover Rewards App.png

Clover Rewards. Your customers love your food. Let’s give them one more reason to keep coming back!


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  • Rewards: Absolutely FREE, no strings attached

  • Works through email, text, and the Clover app

  • Market to contact list and social media with one click

  • Speed up the line with option hands-free payment

  • Powerful dashboard to track usage

Homebase App Clover.png

Homebase gives you free employee scheduling, time sheets, time clocks, and hiring software.


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  • Powerful integrated time clock

  • Clock in & out, track breaks, manage cash & credit tips

  • Payroll-ready timesheet exports

  • Prevent early clock-ins and save $$$

  • Save time with easy shift trades and scheduling

  • Mobile app to view clock-ins and team activity on the go

  • Free integrations with Gusto, ADP, Intuit & more


We know you’ll love the Clover devices, apps, and other features that are made available to you even as FREE PLACEMENT devices.

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