Clover Devices - Perfect For Your Retail Store

You want a smooth, simple retail experience for your customers - and a headache-free solution that covers business management for yourself. Clover devices can do this, and more!

  • Swipe, Smart Card, and Contactless cards accepted

  • Check acceptance available through Clover App Market

  • Get a clear picture of your business with Clover Insights

  • High-tech solutions & super easy interface

  • Simple inventory and fast processing


See how Clover devices have helped “Big Swingin’ Cycles” based in SF, CA:


( 1 minute watch time )


Clover will give you the ability to focus on what matters most: giving great service to your customer while adjusting your business model to be more profitable.

Check out a few Clover apps and features that we know you’ll love.


Checkout with Clover is super simple and really fast. Get a quick preview of what it’s like getting through a line of customers:


( 2 minute watch list )

  • Super simple inventory creation

  • Accept any type of card transaction

  • Scan inventory using device or external scanner

  • The quickest processing speeds help you process more

Clover Rewards App.png

Offer Rewards to your merchants with a simple system that you don’t need to stress about! You have a great business, your products are flying off the shelf, and Clover can help you make sure the customers keep coming back for more:


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  • Rewards: Absolutely FREE, no strings attached

  • Works through email, text, and the Clover app

  • Market to contact list and social media with one click

  • Speed up the line with option hands-free payment

  • Powerful dashboard to track usage


Clover Promos is another FREE app that helps you reach out to customers and bring them through the door!

  • Automatically build a mailing list

  • Engage and retain customers with coupons

  • Send real-time promos by email, text, and social media

  • Track redemptions to see how Promos increases sales

  • Customer retention and marketing made easy

Homebase App Clover.png

Need help keeping your employees organized? The Homebase app on Clover can help!

  • Powerful integrated time clock

  • Clock in & out, track breaks, manage cash & credit tips

  • Payroll-ready timesheet exports

  • Prevent early clock-ins and save $$$

  • Save time with easy shift trades and scheduling

  • Mobile app to view clock-ins and team activity on the go

  • Free integrations with Gusto, ADP, Intuit & more


These are just a few of the hundreds of FREE and paid apps on the Clover App market.

Now it’s time you take a closer look at all the Clover devices and business solutions that we offer on FREE PLACEMENT: