Clear The Clutter, Power Your Dreams


The NCR Silver Quantum commerce station delivers customer engagement and payment acceptance in one sleek, modern package.

Paired with the NCR Silver business solution software, you can get up and running in no time. Accept integrated chip, swipe and mobile payment options with no additional hardware, and provide seamless customer retention options thanks to an internal loyalty and coupon scanner.


Operating your business just got a lot easier

Scale up your payment acceptance abilities with a more full-featured software or multiple payment devices at one location. Do you have multiple locations, or operate a franchise? That’s where NCR’s easy solutions really stand out and help you get ahead!



  • Android operating system

  • EMV, NFC, or MSR cards accepted

  • Loyalty and coupon solutions available

  • 10 hours of cordless operation

  • Customer-facing touchscreen

  • Complete cloud-based management, marketing, and payment processing solutions

  • 24/7 live support - chat, email, text or phone

  • Hassle free setup and inventory support