NCR Helps All Merchant Types


DID YOU KNOW that NCR is the #1 choice in POS hardware and software for the North American food industry? NCR also provides the processing abilities for 5 of the top 10 airlines globally. Of course, NCR can help your business!


Whether you’re a food cart, fast casual, full service restaurant or national franchise, NCR will help you use digital solutions to transform your operations, adapt to new technologies (mobile order ahead, anyone?) and provide a differentiated dining experience that keeps your customers coming back.


No matter the size of your restaurant, we help you take a digital-first technology approach to maximize every interaction with your customers, manage the pace of technology and lower the costs of running a restaurant.



People buy from dozens of retail businesses every day. Within a single hour, they toggle from mobile to brick and mortar, from gas station to grocery store. But your customers don’t think about industries or transactions, they simply navigate their world, expecting easy, intuitive, connected experiences at every turn. 

That’s where NCR comes in. NCR brings together the best-in-class hardware, software, and services you need to deliver on what customers want, when they want it. NCR technology enables millions of transactions across the world and uses data, insight, and experience to create powerful interactions before, during, and after those transactions happen. With NCR by your side, you can:

  • Drive loyalty by delivering smarter, smoother experiences through your transactions

  • Make every interaction more valuable with NCR’s unmatched insight across industries

  • Get instant, relevant data about your business and customers with analytics

No matter your size, where you operate, or what kinds of customers you serve, we’re here to help you create more meaningful interactions between you and your customers. 

Cinemas and Theaters

Escape, adventure, a sense of wonder… You offer customers all that and more! To make sure their trip to your theater really feels that way, the transactions that lead them to their seat have to happen effortlessly. NCR is here to help you make that happen by:

  • Enabling mobile ticketing options

  • Providing convenient in-seat ordering for guests

  • Featuring specials and menus with digital signage

  • Helping managers keep track of their business

Stadiums & Venues

Part of the excitement in attending a game or concert is not knowing exactly what will happen. But we all hope for the same thing: the best possible experience. And when you’re the person in charge of making that happen, perfect timing and speedy service are critical. 

That’s where NCR comes in for more than 250 high-volume venues, helping to: 

  • Reduce wait times with pre-loaded tickets and mobile payments

  • Get customers to their seats faster with digital signage

  • Manage concession and retail merchandising sales to accurately forecast future usage  

It’s all about the fan experience—delighting from the minute they buy a ticket to the minute they leave your venue. 

Small Business POS Systems

NCR Silver copy.png

TIME - we can all use more if it! Especially when charged with serving up exceptional products, services or experiences, all while making sure everything is running smoothly. Who has the energy for all that? Well, you do—once you have the right technology and support in place. And that’s where NCR comes in.  

NCR’s small business POS software, including NCR Silver along with NCR Counterpoint, helps you track sales, market to customers and manage it all on the go. So no matter what you specialize in or how fast you grow, we’ll give you the right kind of systems and support - every day and everywhere you do business.