Clover Wrangles the Fiercest of Inventories

Watch the video for The Beer Growler, where owner Paul Saunders talks up Clover's Inventory Solutions. 

NPP has Clover devices for low cost or FREE placement to help you wrangle your own inventory problems.

Clover Is An Inventory Pro

  • Clover understands your inventory needs
  • You can easily see what items are popular and need to be stocked
  • Have multiples stores? No problem! Multiple store inventories can all be managed remotely

Why This Helps You

  • Remote log-in saves time, boosts productivity, and gives you more freedom 
  • Customer preferences are tracked for your marketing and sales needs
  • Easy inventory makes opening new stores and expanding feasible

As Paul from the Beer Growler stated, Clover, helps him spend time “building [the] business, as opposed to working the business.”

NPP can help you do the same. With Clover Mini, Mobile, and Go units on FREE Placement, you can easily set up your own store, stop worrying about inventory, and start growing!

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“My time is more well spent now building our business, as opposed to working the business.”
— Paul Saunders, The Beer Growler