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Overall NPP has great communication channels established with their agents and very transparent with their Online Portal. They offer a variety of products and services suitable for all types of Merchants. They offer excellent Bonus and incentive programs to keep their Agents Motivated. I have worked with other Processors in the past, But no one has a seamless process set up like NPP. The support I get from My Sales Manger Fabian is very motivating and is one of the main reasons I am still a part of the NPP team.
— Mary C
They are the best ISO I have ever seen. During my years in the merchant service industry...none measure up in the smooth end-to-end process from application to deployment. In fact, there has never been an issue that support did not cure in a timely manner. The efficiency at NPP is so fantastic that an MLS can get a merchant approved and processing the same day over 90% of the time. I was not even close to 50% at other organizations. Thank you for your excellent support.
— Simon M
I only have positive sayings about everybody that works at the office. No matter who I call or who I email, the response to my request is always fast and great. Without all the support that I receive from the office, front desk, support, and all other departments I could not do my job well. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!
— Francisco R
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